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Healthlink BC information

Four abortion clinics in the lower mainland:
Everywoman’s Health Centre: 604-322-6692 (surgical abortions up to 13 weeks, 6 days)
Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic: 604-736-7878 (surgical abortions up to 16 weeks, 6 days)
C.A.R.E. Program, BC Women’s Hospital: 604-875-2022 (surgical abortions up to 23 weeks)
Willow Women’s Clinic: 604-709-5611 (medical abortions up to 7 weeks)
Abortions are covered by MSP if you have BC medical coverage, most clinics do not require a referral from a doctor
For more information:

  • Pregnancy Options Line: 1-888-875-3163, or, from the Lower Mainland 604-875-3163. This service provides information, resources and referral for all abortion services, including counselling, available to B.C. residents.
  • Facts of Life Line: 1-800-739-7367, or, from the Lower Mainland 604-731-7803. This service offers general sexual and reproductive health information, as well as referral to resources throughout B.C.
  • Options for Sexual Health Information here
  • Prochoice Action Network website here
  • The National Abortion Federation website here