Dr. Vivian Paul

Family Doctor
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Dr Vivian Paul has been practising in the Kitsilano area since 1996, and as an Associate at Bayswater Family Practice since October 2007. She offers maternity care for patients of the practice who wish to deliver at SPH, where she has obstetrical privileges to attend their deliveries. Family Practice residents receive training in the management of labour from Dr Paul in the course of her work on the Maternity Centre at SPH. She is also on faculty in the Peace Arch Maternity Clinic where she does antenatal care, with teaching of Family Practice residents, and attends births at PAH in White Rock. Dr Paul is on faculty at UBC as Clinical Assistant Professor and looks forward to working with the residents in the practice. Dr. Paul has worked as an examiner for the College of Family Physicians of Canada for the past twenty years.

Information on Dr. Paul’s obstetrical practice: click here

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