Pregnancy-general information

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We recommend the book Baby’s Best Chance which is available free for pregnant women in British Columbia. An online copy can be viewed here.

The Vancouver Division of Family Practice has a new website with easy-to access information for maternity patients.

The St. Paul’s Hospital Primary Care Maternity Service website.

The Family Practice maternity Service at BC Women’s Health Centre and Hospital website.

The Power to Push Campaign was launched in 2010 by BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre. The goal of the campaign is to provide up-to-date resources for pregnant women and their families in British Columbia (BC), encouraging them to know their options, advocate for their choices, and push for the safest and best birth possible. The campaign also offers research-based information and resources to maternity care providers across BC to help them support every woman’s childbirth choices.

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada has a website that covers many important issues in pregnancy

Motherisk offers pregnant, planning and breastfeeding women answers to questions about morning sickness and the risk or safety of medication, herbs, diseases, chemical exposures and more. We also suggest you come in and speak to your physician if you have questions.

 Motherisk Helpline: 1-877-439-2744

For information on food safety in pregnancy see here

For information on prenatal genetic screening see here

For information on planning a pregnancy see here


Pacific Postpartum Support Society:

Pacific Post Partum Support Society has been supports mothers and their families experiencing postpartum/perinatal distress, depression and anxiety.

Postpartum mood disorders website from Ontario