Telehealth: video visits with your Family Physician

Our doctors will now offer our patients convenient online video appointments during regular office hours. You can access our services from anywhere, via most computer or mobile devices with a stable internet connection. Telemedicine visits are covered by the provincial health plan (MSP) and free of charge to you. Please note you do need to call to book a telehealth appointment, and this service is currently only available for patients of Bayswater Family Practice.The video consultations are powered by, a company that is committed to complete privacy between healthcare providers and their clients.

Our regular no show fees apply to missed telehealth appointments. If you are having trouble logging in on your browser, please call our staff for assistance at the time of the appointment.

Make a Telehealth appointment through the following ways
  • Online here
  • Through the phone
  • In person at the front desk.

Instructions for Patients:

Before the first time you use this service, please follow these steps:

(Please note we are not currently able to use email to answer patients' questions and health concerns as we are unable to adequately protect patient confidentiality at this time. Please DO NOT email us any personal health information. Please note that this email address is not regularly monitored for patient contact. We are looking into options for secure messaging and will implement this when a secure platform becomes available.)

Before your Appointment, Test your connection

  • Go to website
  • Click on the Telehealth tab
  • Click on your Doctor's link (see photo below) to access the website
  • Test out your camera and connection before the appointment.

At the time of the appointment:

  • Please have your preferred pharmacy and convenient lifelabs information ready. If you need a prescription please get the fax number for your pharmacy in advance of your telehealth appointment with your physician. (you may need to call the pharmacy to get this)
  • Ensure you have completed the steps above, and click on your Doctor's "Enter waiting room" link below- please ensure you are 5 minutes early for your scheduled appointment
  • Enter your name (Please use the name that shows on your Carecard) and click "Check In"
  • Your doctor will be with you shortly!
  • If you have any difficulties connecting please call our staff at 604-731-0091 for assistance.
  • NOTE If you can't hear your doctor, please ensure your VOLUME on your computer or mobile device is turned up to an appropriate level.
PLEASE NOTE that not all visits are suitable for a telehealth/video visit: Visits not always Eligible for Videoconferencing: (note- during the pandemic, some visits not normally eligible for video conferencing may be done by video if it is a safer way to proceed and the issue does not require a physical exam. Please check with our staff and they will help you decide on the best way to connect with your physician)
  • emergencies or serious health concerns
  • new onset of concerning symptoms
  • new patient visits
  • visits requiring a physical exam
  • newborn exams and prenatal care
  • motor vehicle accidents (ICBC)
  • workplace injuries (WorkSafe)
  • travel health questions (Not covered by MSP)
  • prescriptions for narcotics, benzodiazepines, insomnia medication, ADHD
  • disability requests
Eligible Visits for Videoconferencing:
  • general health questions and advice, especially minor problems not requiring a physical exam
  • medication review and renewals
  • re-referrals to specialists
  • referrals to allied health professionals (physio, massage etc)
  • review of lab results
  • follow up of chronic ongoing health conditions
  • If you are not sure if your visit is suitable, please call the office to enquire.