We see patients of all ages for any type of health concerns that arise including new symptoms or concerns, maternity care, palliative care, preventive health care, chronic disease management, mental health issues,  sexual health concerns, vaccinations, mole removals and biopsies, pap tests, IUD insertions and referrals to specialists and other allied health providers. We will try to address as many of your concerns as possible in the time allotted but please be aware that to thoroughly address several complex problems we may triage and ask you to return to for a second visit to address all your concerns. Our receptionists will ask you the reason for your visit so that they can try to allot the appropriate amount of time.

We do our best to fit our patients in for all urgent problems. Please see us instead of going to a Walk-in clinic (see our Walk in clinic policy). You will be fit in with whichever doctor has space in their schedule. “Fit-ins” are short appointments squeezed into the schedule and we will only be able to address your urgent concern.

Most patients do not need a complete annual physical exam and MSP does not cover routine physicals for healthy patients. Patients with some chronic health conditions, newly pregnant women as well as infants and preschool age children do require complete physical exams.  Sometimes your doctor will recommend a physical exam as part of the investigation of new symptoms. Preventive care is important. Periodic health exams which include specific evidence-based screening tests (such as pap tests, blood pressure checks, cholesterol tests, colon cancer screening) are recommended and covered by MSP. We recommend that most women under age 40 attend the clinic every 3 years, and between 40-69 every 2 years for a “well-woman exam” that includes a pap test. Your doctor will discuss the recommendations for your individual situation with you. Physical exams for employment or camp are not covered by MSP.

If you have questions about when you are due for a preventive health visit, or when visits are recommended for children, please ask your doctor.

We offer many minor procedures including suturing of lacerations, mole removals,  biopsies, IUD insertions, wart treatments and injections. In most cases you will need a consultation with your doctor prior to booking a procedure. Not all procedures are covered by MSP.

Doctor’s notes and medical forms are not covered by MSP. Please let the receptionist know in advance if you have a form that needs completing. We charge a reasonable fee for forms which varies based on the complexity of the form.