Bayswater Family Practice is a Family Practice teaching unit affiliated with the University of British Columbia.

Our practice usually has 2 Family Practice residents training with us at a time. The residents are medical doctors who have completed medical school and are in a 2 year postgraduate training program in Family Medicine. Residents usually stay attached to our office for the 2 years of their training.

Residents are always supervised by the family doctor with whom they are working. The supervising doctor will review the details of your visit, the management plan and the written notes in your chart with the resident. Usually your family doctor will also see you at the end of the visit, to review the plan together.

Whenever possible, your doctor will check with you to let you know that a resident physician is working with them that day. Sometimes the resident may introduce themself if your regular doctor is busy with another patient, to avoid keeping you waiting unnecessarily.

We have trained over 30 residents at our office since 1997. Our graduates are working all over BC and Canada providing all types of care including full service family practice, maternity care, emergency care and palliative care. We are very proud of their accomplishments. A number of our former residents now have practices at the office including Drs. Tina Campbell, RhondaVanderfluit, Danielle Stothart and Alyssa Cantarutti.

What about continuity of care?

Your regular family doctor will remain actively involved in your care when you are seeing residents. The resident works in close communication with your doctor to ensure continuity of your medical care. If, on a particular day, you wish to see only your regular family doctor, please let the receptionist know.

The Practicum

At the end of their second year in our office, residents do a 2 week practicum, just before they graduate and start practice on their own. During this time, the residents works in place of the family physician supervisor, doing all the things that your regular family doctor does. Your own family doctor will review your visit with the resident at the end of the day

Your Privacy is Important to Us

Residents involved in your care will have access to your medical records. They follow the same strict code of patient confidentiality as the other doctors in our practice. Occasionally charts are reviewed by residents and/or your family doctor for the purpose of chart audit (quality improvement) to ensure that our practices are meeting current recommended guidelines. If you would like to be excluded from any quality improvement audits, please let us know and we will flag your chart.

We hope that you will find working with our Family Practice Residents as enjoyable as we do. Please let your family physician know if you have any questions or concerns

We provide WorksafeBC related services for our patients. Please let our receptionist know if you believe you have been injured at work BEFORE your appointment. Please have all details and information regarding your claim at your first visit.

Our physicians are fully booked and cannot accept new patients at this time.