Dr Vivian Paul provides antenatal care at Bayswater Family Practice, collaborating with colleagues in the practice who wish to offer shared care for their own expectant patients. She also offers maternity care to self-referred patients and those referred from the greater community of Vancouver-area Family Physicians. In-hospital care for labour and delivery is provided at St. Paul's Hospital. Dr Paul also maintains privileges at Peace Arch Hospital in White Rock, where she attends births for patients of the Peace Arch Maternity Clinic. Her philosophy is that delivering mothers and their support persons should feel included in all decisions around the birth process.

Maternity care at St. Paul's Hospital

Patients whose maternity care is provided by Dr. Vivian Paul will deliver at St. Paul's Hospital.

Detailed information about the SPH Maternity Centre is accessible online: http://www.providencehealthcare.org/maternity-obstetrics-pregnancy-childbirth

SPH’s Maternity Centre is unique in providing single room maternity care. Mothers stay in their own room after delivery and transfer to another postpartum area does not take place. This concept is also called LDRP (Labour-Delivery-Recovery-Postpartum) and was developed in response to patient requests for a less institutional experience. Delivered mothers also appreciate the availability of a pull-out bed for their support person to remain with them throughout their stay.

The SPH Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is located within the Maternity Centre, providing easy visiting access for the mothers of babies requiring special care.

St. Paul’s Hospital is a major teaching hospital affiliated with UBC and numerous colleges, providing educational opportunities for nursing students as well as medical residents. Patient receptiveness to this teaching component of the hospital is greatly appreciated.


Evening and Weekend Maternity Inquiries Patients for delivery at St. Paul's Hospital under the care of Dr Vivian Paul will have their after-hours calls directed to her, or the physician covering for her, by the practice answering service. The receptionist answering the telephone number for the practice during Saturday clinic hours will also direct queries from maternity patients to Dr Paul. Expectant patients can also call the SPH Maternity Centre to speak with an RN at all hours, particularly to determine whether on-site assessment is appropriate. The contact number for the Maternity Centre is 604-682-2344, ext 62432. The RN will also notify Dr Paul directly when a patient arrives in labour.