Bessie headshot

Dr. Bessie He


Bessie is a first year medical student at UBC. When Bessie first learned about Bayswater as a high school student at Lord Byng Secondary, she never thought that it would lead to a job of 4.5 years as an MOA. Not only did she learn a tremendous amount about how a medical office works, she witnessed first-hand the wonderful and rewarding relationships that family doctors build with their patients, which really solidified her decision to pursue medicine. The doctors and staff at Bayswater were also extremely helpful and supportive during the long application process to medical school.

Flash forward to first year medicine, Bessie participated in the very flu clinics she helped to organize as an MOA, only this time actually giving the injections! As well, she is back at Bayswater completing her Family Practice sessions and talking to patients on the other side of the exam room door. Such a full-circle experience!

Bessie is very grateful for all the opportunities that Bayswater has provided her. Family Medicine continues to be her first choice in specialty, and who knows, maybe you’ll see her in the future as a resident!